Beaumanoir offers shoppers full access to their Cache Cache account on WeChat

Now Cache Cache shoppers can access all their account details directly from WeChat.

In a significant integration project, users can now view everything from order tracking and purchase history to reviewing coupons and receiving the latest mix and match initiative.

Pulling information from a variety of sources, the consolidation offers shoppers a single view for everything Cache Cache. And all with the convenience of being within WeChat.

Real time connectivity ensures that information is always up to date and reflecting latest shopper interactions.

A broadcast feature enables weekly mix and match programme to be communicated to users, with high level of segmentation possible.

YEYU - the social network connecting sports fans around China

YEYU allows like minded and active sports fans to find events and activities in their neighbourhood. It also provides a platform for event organisers to find participants and team mates; whether it's a casual community, game of 5 aside or a multi city programme of sport specific clinics.

Users create a simple profile, highlighting the sports that they enjoy playing the most. Based on their profile and the YEYU algorithm, they are connected with active sports fans that share the same passion, plus relevant events and groups in their locale.

Event organisers can add their listing to YEYU and share their event with other YEYU friends, as well as send invitations via WeChat.

This revamped version of YEYU, sees the app rolled out to Android sports enthusiasts for the first time, as well as a fuller featured iOS version.

Rémy Martin gets smart with their cognac bottles

While QR codes have been used to combat cognac counterfeiting in the past, Rémy Martin has taken security to another level through the use of NFC technology.

Using high security NFC chips with asymmetric encryption, a mobile app can now detect whether a bottle has been previously opened and resealed.

This offers confidence to the user that they are opening a genuine bottle of the Cognac Fine Champagne.

The Android app also rewards users for their participation, via a loyalty programme.

The application will be piloted in China, with plans for a broader rollout thereafter.

Commer makes it easy for conference organisers to publish their events

Commer's plug and play approach, allows conference organisers to publish everything needed for their event, to the web.

The planning tool allows agendas and speaker lists to be easily prepared, so attendees can access all key information in the lead up to the event.

Post event; presentations, video content and reports can also be made available for attendees to download.

Changes can easily be made, whether it's a change in running order, adding a new session, or amending a speaker's bio.

Built using WYSIWYG logic, Commer ensures it's simple for organisers to plan every aspect of their site. Coupled with a responsive approach, the site is immediately accessible from all manner of devices and desktops.

Single language or multiple languages can all be handled by Commer.

Clear immerses followers into a 360° sakura garden experience

Inspired by the Japan's cherry blossom season, Clear wanted to create a similar mobile experience, to showcase it's haircare range.

Followers are dropped into a sakura garden and are then able explore using the gyroscopic features of their phone.

Shaking the trees in selected areas of the garden, will trigger cherry blossom petals to fall. These can be tapped by users to reveal Clear offers that can be redeemed at online retailers.

Personalised messages can also be etched onto the garden's signboard and shared with friends.

All this achieved in HTML5, but creating an interaction akin to a native app.